T Piscioneri & Co

Contact Details
Contact: Dom Piscioneri
Phone: 9731 7110
Address: Goodwood Road
Donnybrook WA 6239
Postal Address: PO Box 81
Donnybrook WA 6329

Fruit and vegetables

Apples, mandarins, pears, nashis, stone fruit, oranges, lemons, butternut pumpkin, tomatoes, zuccinis, cucumbers, swedes, turnips, peas, broad beans, capsicum, beetroot.

When Dom Piscioneri’s grandfather arrived in Australia 73 years ago from Europe, the first job he had was cutting timber at Crooked Brook near Boyanup. The stump of a pine tree he cut down is still there to this day!
Dom’s father Tony, aged 9 at the time, remembers how the whole family walked through the bush from Boyanup to Bridgetown. Tony said “There was no road like there is now – just bush and a dirt track.”
Three years later his father bought 50 acres of virgin bush in Goodwood Road, Donnybrook.
Using a mattock and other hand tools, the land was cleared with blood, sweat and tears, even the young boys had to give a hand and so began what is now T Piscioneri and Sons.
The Piscioneri family lived in a shed until the end of the war when the family home was built.
Tony said “ We started with 20 apple trees and also grew potatoes and tomatoes”. He added that they eventually bought more land and ended up with 600 acres.
The orchard is now run by Dom and the tradition of hard work continues, although modern machinery makes the life of the current generation of the Piscioneri family a little easier.
Their orchard now has stone fruits, apples, pears and citrus plus they have an extensive veggie garden and often bring any veggies surplus to the family’s needs to the Market.
Dom and Tony have been coming to the Boyanup Farmers’ Market for just under a year and have enjoyed the opportunity to sell direct and react with their customers.

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